The fluffiest café in Bucharest – Miau Cat Café

Don’t we all know this feeling? You just want to pet some fluffy animals, but you don’t own any pets yourself?

Well I got you covered – visit the Cat Café in the Romanian capital Bucharest! The Cat Café Miau with lots of cats offers an all-you-can-cuddle flat rate!


My absolute favorite café in Bucharest (and probably also in Europe) is the Cat Café Miau. Many different cats live here, young and old, fat and thin, lazy and hyper. While you can drink and eat something in a cozy atmosphere, you can pet the many cats. There is a huge selection of vegan food and drinks, so everyone gets one’s money’s worth.

The café consists of three rooms, all painted and furnished in different styles. One room is rather dark and the walls have the universe painted on. The other two rooms are both very colorful and hippie style. One of the rooms is regularly rented out – so you can even celebrate your birthday with fluffy company. In summer you can also sit outside (but I was there in winter and all cats were inside).

But don’t worry – the cats are not locked up. They are allowed to go outside if they feel like. When I visited the Cat Café Miau, all cats were very chilled and almost all of them were sleeping – some were more in the cuddle mood than others, but that’s totally fine!

So if you need a little fluffy time and want to recharge your cuddly battery, then I can really recommend the Cat Café Miau in Bucharest! And by the way, you can take great Instagram pictures here, because cute little animals always make a picture better.