Llama & Alpaca Trekking in Liechtenstein

I simply couldn’t stop laughing as I walked through the Liechtenstein mountains with Othello and his fellows. The soothing aura of lamas is simply indescribable.

When I thought of Liechtenstein, I thought of mountains, but certainly not of llamas. But in the highest place of the little green land of Liechtenstein live the sweetest and softest animals ever. The Lama & Alpakahof in Triesenberg offers walks of a special kind. All of the animals have a unique character and appearance.


What’s waiting for you

At first, Marc (he and his partner own the sweet animals) captured the llamas because they were all over on a huge meadow. Afterwards we were able to familiarize ourselves with these soft animals, and the first 100 pictures were taken.

Now we were ready to start the tour – each of us (we were only 4 participants!) got their own llama, some were big, some small, some with fluffy fur, some with their teeth sticking out – but all were just incredibly cute.

Marc showed us around and we had a fantastic view over  the mountains and Malbun. I had secretly hoped my llama would drag me up the mountain, but in reality it was the other way around – I had to pull Othello up the mountain. Every time he went uphill, he looked at me all innocent and then he farted – and it was so cute!

The highlight of our Lama trek was probably the rainbow over Malbun, which we enjoyed with our new friends.


How long did the tour go?

The whole tour took about 2 hours, but there are also longer tours with delicious cheese fondue offered!

Feel free to contact Marc through his Llama and Alpaca website. He is super helpful and will answer all your questions.



The llama and alpaca trekking was definitely one of my highlights in Liechtenstein! I can really recommend this experience to everyone, at any age! Marc really cares about the needs of the participants and makes sure everyone gets the maximum of fun! If you have now decided not to miss this amazing experience, please tell my lama friend Othello, hi from me!