I'm Mona.

The face of Wanderdreads

Ever since I was a little kid, my parents took me on little trips. So I basically grew up with a travel soul.

By the age of 19, I went on my first big solo travel to New Zealand for 1 year!

This trip was a big turning point in my life! Since then I travel to multiple countries every year and write (+ vlog) about my experience while traveling!

Since October 2019 I’ve been a digital nomad now, working for a German company while fulfilling my dream of being a full-time traveler!

My passion in life

My biggest passion in life has probably always been to document things! Even as a little kid I wrote diaries and lists of everything!

Today I am taking hundreds of pictures every day, while doing daily vlogs on my social media accounts.

I love creating memories by recording and writing about my experiences – while inspiring others by doing so!

Some facts about me

NAME  Mona Leo


LANGUAGES  German & English

COUNTRIES I’VE LIVED IN  Sweden, Netherlands, America, New Zealand, Germany

TRAVEL EXPERIENCE  I started traveling with my parents as a little kid, but since I turned 19 I’m traveling solo

My goals

My goal of this website as well as my social media accounts is to inspire others by providing helpful informations about all places I’ve been to.

By sharing all my experiences I am hoping to make YOUR next trip as smooth as possible.

Also I want to encourage everyone to travel solo at least one time in their life!

Countries I've been to