8 Dreadlock Products every Dreadhead needs [not sponsored!]

Since I first got my Dreadlocks, I’ve spent tons of money on Dreadlock products – some were good, some were extremely terrible!

In my Dreadlock Pros & Cons list I told you that having Dreadlocks requires a lot of time, effort and some new products.

Below I will introduce you to my personal favorite Dreadlock products, which I believe every Dreadhead needs to own.


1. Crochet Hooks​ – Must-have for dreadlock maintenance

Image by Raw Roots

In my opinion crochet hooks are the most important thing to own when rocking dreadlocks. But of course this really depends on what kind of style you’re going for. For example if you prefer the free-form style you can skip this.

Personally, I maintain my dreadlocks every now and then with my crochet hook from Raw Roots. For my type of hair I use the sizes 0,5 – 0,75 mm.


2. Fine Comb​ – Must-have to create dreadlocks

Image by Raw Roots

If you are planning on creating your own or others’ dreadlocks with the comb-back & crochet method, a fine comb will be your life-saver. I use the bamboo comb from Raw Roots, because of its metal teeth.


3. Fingertip Protector​ – Reduces injuries while using crochet hooks

This one is probably my favorite purchase ever! I used to injure my fingers so badly while maintaining my dreadlocks with a crochet hook, because the hook scratched open my skin up until the point where they started bleeding! But since I am using these super helpful fingertip protectors from Dreadhead Shop maintaining my dreadlocks is no longer painful (for my fingers)!


4. Spiralocks – Less painful way to tie up dreadlocks

If you have ever tied up your dreadlocks for a few hours, you probably felt that it gets painful on your roots at one point. My solution to this problem is easy, I don’t use hair ties – I use Spiralocks!

Spiralocks are basically wire wrapped in some nice fabric, but they are honestly one of the best dreadlock products ever invented! Plus they come in multiple different colors and sizes, and they simply look freaking cool!


5. Drying Hood – Fastest way to dry dreadlocks

I know this looks ridiculous and will probably remind you of your grandma doing her hair curls. But you can believe me, a drying hood will save you so much time and trouble when drying your dreadlocks!

When I blow-dry my dreadlocks with a regular blow-dryer, it usually takes about two hours and they are still not fully dry. However when I use the Grundig drying hood I do other things while wearing it and my dreadlocks are completely dry within one hour.


6. Dollylocks Conditioning Oil​ – To hydrate dreadlocks

No matter what type of hair you have or what kind of dreadlock style you’re going for, your dreadlocks need some love once in a while – hydration is the key!
The coconut-lime oil from Dollylocks is my absolute favorite oil to keep my Dreadlocks hydrated, plus the scent smells so good!


7. Alpecin Coffein Liquid –  Reduces scalp itchiness

Actually Alpecin Coffein Liquid is supposed to help hair grow faster and strengthen the roots. Personally my hair does not grow faster by using Alpecin, but it reduces my scalp itchiness instantly and it is very refreshing as well.


8. Raw Root Deep Cleansing Kit​ – To clean dreadlocks

Image by Raw Roots

Every 6 months I do a deep cleansing with the kit from Raw Roots. It comes with an ACV (Apple cider vinegar solution) to rinse your dreadlocks after the cleansing. My dreadlocks feel a lot lighter, cleaner and softer afterwards!