7 Survival Tips to enjoy the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop at Times Square (e.g. Diaper!!)

Here is everything you need to know to be best prepared to watch the Ball Drop live! Make sure to read all my survival tips to be best prepared for your time on the Times Square!


1. Arrive early for a good spot

As we know the ball drops at midnight, however the celebration starts with the raising and lighting up the Ball at 6:00pm. There is also a live show on stage starting at the same time.

Since you won’t be the only one that wants to come and see the Ball drop (there are usually around 1.000.000 people attending the event every year) make sure to arrive early.

If you want a good spot with a good view to see the Ball, get there around 11:00am.

On New Year’s Eve the Times Square is divided in sections, which are filled up and closed once they are full. Around 3:00pm the police closes up the Times Square, which means only people with tickets for restaurants within the Times Square area are allowed to enter the area from this time on.

I advise you to enter the area from Sixth or Eighth Avenue. The Ball is 3,7 meter in diameter and the best spots to see the Ball are along Broadway, from 43rd Street to 50th Street, and along Seventh Avenue.


2. Dress warm & comfortable

New York can get really cold in winter and you will spend a lot of time standing outside, so make sure you dress warm enough.

As you will need to wait a long time for the big event, I can advise you to go for the more casual & comfortable look, instead of high heels and dress type of outfit!

Trust me, nobody sees what you are wearing anyway, because everyone wears a big winter jacket.


3. Go to the toilet (& wear a diaper)

Image by Mahesh Patel from Pixabay

Before entering the Times Square area make sure to use the toilet, as there are no public toilets and no restaurant will let you in to only use the bathroom!

Furthermore you will be kind of locked in one section and it is difficult to get out if you need to leave.

If you actually do leave – there is no chance of being able to come back in.

Weird survival tip: Wear a diaper!

I’m not joking, most people I have talked to wear diapers when they visit the event. I actually wore one myself just to be safe – did not use it after all, but as I said, there are not toilets available!


4. Bring water and snacks

Remember that if you want to get a good spot to see the Ball drop, you need to arrive early – which means you’ll spend around 12 hours standing in a crowd with no toilets and no food stalls to buy food.

So pack water and some good snacks to eat while waiting for the big moment of the night!

Remember that it is not allowed to bring any alcohol or to drink on the streets!


5. Be prepared for the security

Each section has its own security team which checks every single person.

Bags or backpacks are forbidden to bring! I advise you to put your food and maybe extra clothes in a see-through plastic bag.

Public drinking is also not allowed and any alcohol will be confiscated by the security team or the police. Same as fireworks! Fireworks are strictly forbidden!


6. Be patient

Wait, wait, wait a long time to welcome to New Year!

No worries, it won’t get boring, as there is a big show on stage from 6:00pm on but it is always better to come with some good company.

If you are planning to visit the big event alone, just get in contact with other people. I’m sure everyone is welcoming you – it’s New Year’s Eve – everyone is happy!

I went with one friend, but we talked to so many people and had a great time meeting new people.


7. Celebrate the New Year around the world

From around 6:00pm on there is a countdown every full hour as other countries start their New Year at those times.

This is a nice way to celebrate the New Year around the world and it makes you more excited for the big moment of the Ball Drop.

Sixty seconds before midnight the final countdown starts and finally the Ball is completely dropped and the number of the New Year lights up.

All this with a tiny firework, but the even more impressive part is the world-famous New Year’s Eve confetti, which is released from the rooftops of buildings throughout Times Square.

Every year around 1,5 tons of colorful confetti is used to celebrate the famous Ball Drop on New Year’s Eve at the Times Square.